Time Up App Reviews

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It’s Not What It Says

I will be asking for a refund because the entire reason I bought this app is because I was looking for a count-up timer. In fact, I wrote count up timer in my search bar and this is what came up. I saw a review from 2011 saying that it was only a count-down timer but this is 2018. Since the details said it was a count up as well as count down timer, I thought perhaps the review was outdated. Not so. Don’t buy this if you want a count up timer. I’m deleting it and asking for a refund. 😡

Good, yet needs a count-up function

Looking at this from a users point of view... this is a decent application. There is just one problem... It needs to have a count up function. this is why I bought the app... The main reason that you would benefit from this, even though it is a simple addition, is that from looking at the name, this is what I thought i would be getting from this application. So, in conclusion, to whoever developes these applications. For the love of God. Add a count-up function. Good Day- Bayley

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